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Welcome to AG Flooring

We have been renovating and installing Hardwood floors for the past 20 years. We are proud to install for some very established development companies, our clients include famous TV, Film and Music personalities as well as famous interior designers who have utilised our skillset.

Nothing quite does it like a real wooden floor and the multitude of finishes and treatments available today far exceed what was possible even 10 years ago, wooden floors have an enduring impact when installed and finished correctly. If cared for and looked after that finish often lasts for many years and depending on personal taste, as they age they also provide so much character and if they could talk, my what a story they could tell of those precious family moments or events and meetings, wooden floors have a wamrth and feeling of nature that really does bring the outside in, nothing makes you feel more in touch with the outside than a stunning real wood floor installation or renovation.

Over the years we have been blessed with working on some truly outstanding projects undertaken by creative interior designers, and we have worked with the best of them...and the worst, believe us when we tell you it's not any easy task but we always deliver that floor that transforms that living space from a tired looking space to something that has a new lease of life.